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Your SF City Hall Wedding Specialist

Planning a City Hall Wedding? You already have taste-- take it to the next level.  Every City Hall wedding ceremony is unique; make it yours with your favorite wedding songs for your processional and recessional, your first dance, and more! 

I play every genre from classical to R&B, hip hop, Latin, Bollywood, rock, oldies and more. Make your guests laugh and cry, sing and dance!

As one of SF City Hall's busiest approved vendors, I play multiple weddings there per week-- hundreds in total-- and enjoy every aspect of these special ceremonies. I seek to leave a memorable stamp on each one, whether it's a same-sex marriage, religious ceremony, traditional wedding, cultural celebration, or simply your own thing!


Find Out More!

For rates, availability, and bookings, or if you have questions, please inquire here and I'll get back to you shortly!

I'll be in touch soon!

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