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Music in Kind

This past weekend, I ran a charity race raising money to construct wells in drought-stricken Uganda. The next day, this post caught my eye, especially since Kind bars are one of my favorite breakfasts on the go for busy gig mornings:

Basically, Kind donates $10,000 monthly to a cause they deem essential and this month's is called "Clarinets for Conservation". From the website: : "We seek to utilize the transformative power of music to encourage creativity and the protection of natural resources. We'll use the KIND funds to bring instruments to students of Korongoni Secondary School in Moshi, Tanzania, the birthplace of the African Blackwood tree. 30 students will receive lessons on violin, viola, cello, and clarinet from professional musicians from the USA."

Sounds worthwhile to me. Maybe we can follow it up with a program in Brazil where students are taught proper bow technique and then sent into the rainforest to replant the rare Pernambuco wood so desired for making violin bows that's nearing extinction. Just a thought. Kind corporate sponsors? Anyone?

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